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Since the establishment of Nepal SATHI Foundation (hereafter SATHI), it has been helping the disadvantaged children from rural (and urban) Nepal to get education - the most essential infrastructure for human development. By working as a person-to-person organization, SATHI always focuses on both formal and informal education so that personal and societal changes can be brought about. Besides this, it also engages in the environmental and health education sectors.

SATHI aims to first and foremost educate seriously disadvantaged and yet highly motivated children so that they are able to seek better livelihood alternatives. We aim for a ‘good’ education children, which eventually allows them to initiate/lead locally suitable projects in their respective communities. Hence, in the long-run, SATHI offers mainly financial and technical assistance to these young leaders at the local level.

SATHI originates from Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and depends largely on the continuous support from our close friends and teachers residing around the globe. In Nepal, it works in partnership with Nepal Sathi Pratisthan registered in Bhaktapur, accredited by the Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu (Nepal).

We have uploaded classic Nepali instrumental songs SATHI lets you enjoy Nepali music for your enjoyment while reading SATHI information. In the meantime, if you would like to make donations, please see 'Registration' page, or to make use of the secure online donation service click on the logo Donate Online to Help Nepali Children by B RAJ GIRI


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